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DJ Newmark


Its about to go down!

DJ Newmark "The Legendary Throwback King of Hip-Hop and R&B" music was born as Edward Alexander Jr on June 17 1971 in Okinawa, Japan adapted his entertainment name as a tribute to the first set of DJ turntables he owned (brand name Numark). Son to a military family, Newmark traveled the world
DJ’ing across the globe as he was being exposed to the different local musical influences as he grew up. He spent many countless hours in his bedroom perfecting his craft as a DJ. His first professional DJ gig was at
his high schools homecoming event when he was just a freshmen and the rest is history.

DJ Newmark’s diversity in music genres has kept his dance floors packed for over three decades although Old School Hip-Hop and R&B is his specialty. His live DJ performance resume spans over six countries, 31 states and 68 cities. Working with professional athletes, comedians and musical recording artists. He has over 150 songs to his producer credit and has been a contributing member of the Association of Songwriters, Composers And Publishers (ASCAP) since 2001.

While interning at a local radio station in Sacramento, California at the age of 17, Newmark was the leading DJ on the radio stations Street Team and was provided a two hour long mix segment every Saturday Night from 12 midnight to 2 am known as the “After Party Mix” in 1989 on
the formally FM 103.5 “The Bomb” (KBMB).

DJ Newmark has built a brand for himself that represents passion for the Old School Hip Hop and R&B culture, keeping that music alive and well for all to enjoy.

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