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Celebrity DJ: DJ Newmark

As a celebrity DJ, DJ Newmark has a way of keeping it fresh. Part of that is talent, and another part of that is his ability to read the scene. After decades of perfecting his art and playing gigs around the world, DJ Newmark brings the professionalism, the edge, and experience to make any event a success.

So what does that have to do with being a celebrity DJ? Absolutely everything. On the talent side of the fence, DJ Newmark's ability to spin, mix, and produce allows him to deliver old school sounds in even the most modern styles. On the other side of the fence, it’s his experience that enables him to entertain any type of crowd.

With a history that spans production events, radio hosting, working with professionals in the comedic and music industries and more, this celebrity DJ has an accomplished and impressive portfolio. And don't let the moniker "old-school" fool you, because the vibe, flare, and showmanship of this DJ are always in style.

There’s no doubt DJ Newmark is changing the face of the music industry. He has the ability to bring a unique style and energy to any event, making him one of the hottest professions in entertainment.

Are you looking for a celebrity DJ who can move the crowd? Would you like to find out more about DJ Newmark or his upcoming calendar? If so, contact us today to get in touch with DJ Newmark. Not everyone can be a DJ, and there is only one, DJ Newmark.

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