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DJ Newmark: The Legendary Throwback King of Hip-Hop and R&B music

DJ Newmark, producer, radio personality, mix show DJ, and more. If you have heard DJ Newmark before, then it wouldn't surprise you to discover that he has experience in radio. Those who have been to any of his gigs also wouldn't be surprised to learn that he even hosted a mix show. That is because DJ Newmark simply has that silky smooth sound that we have come to associate with the best DJs, and he flows music like it was in his blood.

Yes, DJ Newmark has been a producer, radio personality, mix show DJ and has many other accomplishments to his credit. He is also available for those looking for a radio host or mix show DJ. Along with his wide range of experience across a variety of forums, DJ Newmark also has more than three decades of success behind him.

Thank you for visiting DJ Newmark, and we look forward to helping make your next production or event a hit. Contact us to learn more about DJ Newmark's hosting services, and let's talk about music today.

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