Looking for a Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B music DJ?

It is about more than playing music, and not anyone can be a throwback Hip-Hop and R&B DJ, or a good DJ for that matter. That is because some things are about more than what you can hear. True hip-hop and the heart of R&B, that must be felt. DJ Newmark has decades of evidence and packed dance floors to prove that he doesn't only hear it, but he feels it too.
There is also a world of difference between a DJ that knows how to operate some equipment and cue up a song, and someone who understands what it means to be a DJ. In touch with the vibe of the crowd, understanding when to turn it up or when to let it go, and oh yes, a distinct taste in music are a few of the things that makes a true DJ. That is also what helps to define DJ Newmark and his brand.
It is his ability to connect and his raw and natural production skills that have also allowed DJ Newmark the opportunity to forge relationships and work with many professionals. That includes names from both the music industry and working with professional athletes. It is the moments during his performances, however, when he finds that sound, the connection, and the reason he is a true and real DJ.
Are you looking for a throwback R&B DJ or throwback hip-hop DJ? Then look no farther than DJ Newmark. Please feel free to contact us up if you want more information or want to find out more about booking DJ Newmark.